English Guild supply the leather finishes that give the world's finest shoes their classic look and feel.

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Rub-on Sole Finishes

Manufactured using organic ingredients, the product is available in a range of transparent shades highlighting the natural beauty of the leather sole, giving a high quality look and feel to the sole. The finish can then be polished to the required level of gloss and burnished to achieve a variable toned antique effect.

Sprayed Sole Finishes

This product is usually fully pigmented to give a full cover painted effect on the sole. Available in natural shades through to walnut, the coating is polished and burnished to achieve the desired level of gloss and antiquing.

Waist Paints

This is a shellac-based product combined with dyes and pigments to achieve a contrast to the sole colour in the waist. Used by the highest quality brands, the shellac in the paint allows it to be polished to a glassy finish.

Upper Raw Edge Stains

This water-based product is designed for application on the cut edge of non-dyed through upper leather to achieve uniformity with the surface colour.

Heel & Edge Finishes

Applied to the heel and edge of the shoe, this product is available in a wide variety of colours, full cover (i.e. fully pigmented) or transparent. The transparent finish lets the individual heel lifts and sections of the sole remain fully visible, giving the shoe greater character.

Solvent & Water-Based Upper Sprays

A non-yellowing spray finish to achieve the final desired lustre on the finished shoe. The water-based spray is an eco version of our solvent-based upper sprays.

Solvent-Based Cleaners

We offer a range of mild solvent cleaners for the removal of factory contamination, stubborn stains, etc.

Water-Based Cleaners

More usually supplied for the removal of light factory contamination.

Water-Repellant Suede Sprays

For use with all suedes and nubucks, this spray makes the shoes completely water-repellant without discolouring the leather in any way.

Cleaner Conditioners

A unique product that combines medium strength cleaning properties with a conditioning and base coating effect to make the shoe more receptive to the final treatment, whether that be cream or spray.

Polishable Antique Creams

Available in a range of colours or matched to suit bespoke requirements, Antique Creams will achieve a deep lustre while combining with the variations in the grain to impart a unique antiquing effect. The product is fully polishable and ideally used with carnauba or micro-polishing waxes.

Polishable Belgravia Creams

Available in a range of colours or matched to suit bespoke requirements, Belgravia Creams will achieve a highly polished effect with a depth of lustre associated with the most luxurious of shoe and leather brands. Suitable for final rotary polishing with our solid waxes.

Leather Softener

This product is highly successful in preventing toe crack when the upper is pulled over the last. Applied to the toe before lasting, the softener’s blend of oils and surfactants soak into the fibres lubricating and moistening.

Pigmented Repair Finishes

Matched to your specific requirements, Pigments Repairer can be spray or brush applied to damaged areas of the shoe minimising possible rejects.

Crepe Sole Finishes

Because this finish is made from dissolved solid rubber and pigments, it gives the finish a unique flexibility which compliments the crepe sole wearing in unison.

Greasy Creams

Available either as a spray or hand applied, this product is suitable for adding water repellancy to outdoor leathers as well as giving an oily/greasy drag feel.

Wax Bars

A range of products designed for use with rotary polishing machines. We have products suitable for Polishing, Cutting and Burnishing.

Stick Waxes

Available in Black, Brown and Natural, stick waxes are melted into the heat edge setting machine for final sealing and edge setting on the heel and the edge of the shoe. This seals the edge of the shoe and prevents migration of the edge colour when the sole comes into contact with water.

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